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Wills Rings®

  • Temperature range from cryogenic to 850° C / 1,550° F
  • Pressure range from ultra-high vacuum to 1,000 MPa / 145,000 psi
  • Compatible with a large range of media
  • Corrosion resistant and radiation tolerant
  • Simple and reliable sealing
  • No outgassing
  • Wide range of sizes

Wills Rings® are designed for extreme conditions which exceed the capabilities of elastomer and polymer seals. They are metal seals which can be of two fundamental designs:

  • Wills Rings®O
  • Wills Rings®C

Wills Rings®O are the original Metal O-Ring seals and consist of a tube formed into a circular profile. Wills Rings®C are similar, but they have an open ‘C’ cross section. The open slot of the Wills Rings®C faces towards the system pressure and allows the seal to be pressure activated.

Wills Rings® are constructed from high quality metal tubing or strip in standard or thin wall thickness. They are often coated or plated with a softer material to increase their sealing performance.

Typical Oil & Gas Applications Include:

  • Flare stacks
  • Static seals for LNG equipment
  • Cryogenic engineering
  • Extreme vacuum systems
  • Fire safe valves

Technical Data

Because Wills Rings® are constructed from metal, their ability to handle extreme conditions exceeds that of polymeric and elastomeric seal types.

Wills Rings® seals do not suffer from the outgassing normally associated with elastomer seals that can be a problem when a seal is used on sensitive equipment.

Use this table to select the optimum seal for a given application. The scoring for each seal type indicates relative performance.

A = Excellent B = Good C = Satisfactory D = Poor

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