Turcon® Variseal® HF for Oil & Gas Applications - Trelleborg

Turcon® Variseal® HF

  • Excellent static axial (face) sealing for high pressure applications
  • Withstands rapid temperature changes
  • Excellent sealing in gas and fluids
  • High performance materials with almost universal media compatibility
  • No extrusion into gaps
  • Excellent sealing on imperfect surfaces
  • Simple installation

Turcon® Variseal® HF is the standard seal for axial (face) applications. It has a high spring loading, which gives excellent sealing integrity at low pressure and is available for both internal and external pressure.

The heavy helical spring in Variseal® HF makes it the best choice for vacuum, gas and low temperature flange sealing applications.

Typical Oil & Gas Applications Include:

  • Static face seals on high pressure subsea ball valves and gate valves
  • Valves and connectors for LNG processing
  • Applications at cryogenic temperatures
  • Pivot joints and flange connections

Technical Data

Parameters Values

Operating Pressure

Maximum static load:
60 MPa
8,702 psi


0.1 m/s
0.3 ft/s

Temperature Range

-150 °C to +200 °C
-238 °F to +392 °F


Compatible with virtually all media and gases