O-Rings for Oil & Gas Applications - Trelleborg


  • Versatile sealing element
  • Cost-effective in a wide range of primarily static applications
  • Simple one-piece groove design minimizes hardware and design costs
  • Compact design allows smaller hardware
  • Easy installation
  • Compounds specifically engineered for oil & gas applications provide broad chemical compatibility
  • Many sizes available from stock worldwide

O-Rings can be produced in a wide choice of elastomer materials. Compounds are available that are compatible with virtually all media commonly used in oil & gas applications. In addition, O-Rings can be manufactured in Zurcon® polyurethane in hardness 70 to 90 Shore A. These demonstrate high wear and extrusion resistance with low friction.

O-Rings are available to meet ISO 3601, AS 568 and other recognized standards. Special sizes are also available. Large diameter O-Rings can be supplied using our FlexiMold™ process.

At higher pressures, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recommends O-Rings be used with Turcon® Back-up Rings.