Bonded Seals for Oil & Gas Applications - Trelleborg

Bonded Seals

  • Cost effective solution for bolt/thread sealing
  • Versatile, applicable to all threaded bolts, studs and clearance holes
  • Sealing washers are available for metric, Whitworth, BSP and all European thread sizes
  • Large range of elastomers and metals available
  • Wide temperature range
  • Reliable high and low pressure sealing
  • Can be used for overhead installation
  • Can be automatically installed
  • Seals to plain surfaces with no housing required for the sealing lip
Bonded Seals consist of an elastomer sealing lip vulcanized to the edge of a metal washer. They are used to seal bolted connections and mounting elements in oil and gas applications such as pipe connections and couplings. When the bolted connection is tightened, the sealing lip is pressed against the flat surfaces.

The metal washer ensures that the components to be connected are reliably and securely held. The thickness of the washer limits the compression of the elastomer seal, eliminating any over torque of the joint, thereby ensuring a reliable sealing system. The internal pressure increases the sealing force by energizing the sealing lip.

Typical Oil & Gas Applications Include:

  • High and low pressure sealing of clearance or tapped holes in a wide range of different bolts
  • Thread sealing on flat flanges or with recessed bolt holes

Technical Data

  • Maximum pressure is dependent of design, material choice and dimensions
  • Bonded Seals can be designed to withstand from 25 to 200 MPa/3626 to 29007 psi maximum pressure
  • The sealing lip can be supplied in materials specifically engineered for oil & gas applications including explosive decompression resistant grades and ones that are approved to NORSOK M710 standards