Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® II for Oil & Gas - Trelleborg

Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® II

  • One–piece seal for linear, rotary, oscillating and helical movements
  • Double-acting seal that can be exposed to pressure from one or both sides
  • Any material combination of Turcon® PTFE-to-elastomer can be bonded together
  • High strength bond for long lasting trouble-free service
  • Axial shifting in the groove from bi-directional pressure can be minimized by optimizing the seal’s occupancy in the gland hardware
  • Sizing flexibility - can be made to fit standard and special gland hardware configurations - not limited to the available size and cross section of the elastomer energizer
  • Available in sizes up to 990 mm / 39 inches for rod seals and 1,016 mm / 40 inches for piston seals

The Turcon® Glyd Ring® II is a double-acting, rod or bore, bi-directional seal for rotary applications that have a combination of high surface speed and pressure. It consists of a permanently bonded elastomer energizer and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based seal ring to form a one-piece seal. It can be manufactured from a wide variety of material combinations, including elastomer and PTFE based compounds.

Turcon® Glyd Ring® II offers outstanding stability in the gland hardware. Its one-piece bonded construction gives an increased service life by preventing the seal’s PTFE based sealing ring from spinning with the shaft against its elastomer energizer. In addition, the all-in-one piece makes it ideal for automated assembly by eliminating the possibility of installing the wrong size elastomer or seal ring.

Typical Oil & Gas Applications Include:

Technical Data
Operating Pressure Up to 5,000 psi / 35 MPa
Speed Up to 8 ft/s / 2.5 m/s
Operating Temperature -60 °C to +200 °C /
-76 °F to +392 °F
Dependent on elastomer material
Gland – Rod Closed or Split Groove
Gland – Piston Split Groove
Media Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame-retardant hydraulic fluids, environmentally-safe hydraulic fluids (bio-oils), water and others, depending on the elastomer material