Turcon® Double Delta® for Oil & Gas Applications - Trelleborg

Turcon® Double Delta®

  • Good static and dynamic sealing effect
  • Low friction, high efficiency
  • Operating temperatures of -45°C to +260 °C / -49 °F to +500 °F
  • Good chemical compatibility depending on elastomer
  • Leak-tight reliable sealing performance
  • No adhesion even after extended periods of rest
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Long service life
  • Stick-slip-free starting
  • Simple installation
  • Sizes to suit all O-Ring grooves including AS568 and ISO 3601 seal sizes

Turcon®Double Delta® is the original slipper seal developed to improve the performance of O-Ring and Back-up Rings. It is a double-acting seal energized by an elastomer O-Ring. Demonstrating good friction properties, Turcon® Double Delta® provides stick-slip free starting and excellent dry running.

The O-Ring in Turcon® Double Delta® preloads the seal cap in the thin, flexible middle section. This provides good leakage control even at low pressures.


Typical Oil & Gas Applications Include:

  • Reservoir Sampling Tools
  • Subsea Trees: Gate / choke valves, actuators and control modules
  • Blow-Out Preventers (BOPs)
  • Downhole and intervention tools
  • Fishing and jar tools
  • Flow Control Equipment; Ball Valves and associated devices
  • Offshore Topside Hydraulics




Technical Data

Parameters Values

Operating Pressure

5,000 psi / 35 MPa
(15,000 psi / 103 MPa with Back-up Ring)


Up to 50 ft/s / 15.0 m/s

Temperature Range

-45 °C to +260 °C /
-49 °F to +500 °F
Dependent on elastomer

Clearance As per AS568 and ISO 3601 seal sizes. Larger clearance possible with Back-up Ring


Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame-retardant hydraulic fluids, environmentally-safe hydraulic fluids (bio-oils), Downhole fluids water and others depending on the elastomer material selected