Turcon® Captive Glyd Ring® for Oil & Gas - Trelleborg

Turcon®Captive Glyd Ring®

  • Same functionality as Turcon® Glyd Ring® for linear, helical and rotary service
  • Protected from diameter variations of counterpart
  • Passes over holes in mating surface
  • Increased sealing effect and reduced friction due to narrow contact area
  • Simple installation and easy mounting in split groove
  • Suitable for narrow grooves
  • Design flexibility – adaptable for almost all groove sizes

The Turcon® Captive Glyd Ring® is the best option in applications in which the seal has to slide across mating surfaces that have dimensional changes (e.g. go from a small diameter with sealing function over the seal to a large diameter with no sealing function or vice versa).

Normally, Turcon® Glyd Ring® is usually recommended as a bidirectional seal for all types of pistons and grooves.

However in some applications, in which the Glyd Ring® has to slide across mating surfaces that have dimensional changes, the seal can potentially be deformed, damaged or destroyed, as they may be pressed out of the groove by the O-Ring or the system pressure.

This Turcon® Captive Glyd Ring® version, shown this drawing, is retained in a split groove. The groove prevents the sealing surface from getting damaged by a counter part with variable diameter or when passing holes.

Typical Oil & Gas Applications Include:

Technical Data

Parameters Values

Operating Pressure

Up to 8,702 psi / 60 MPa


Up to 50 ft/s / 15.0 m/s


Up to 5 Hz

Temperature Range

-45 °C to +260 °C /
-49 °F to +500 °F
Dependent on elastomer


Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids, HFC, environmentally safe hydraulic fluids (biological degradable oils), water, air and others. Depending on compatibility of the O-Ring material.