High-Performance Advanced Composites Structures for Oil & Gas

Advanced Composites for Oil & Gas Applications

High-performance structures for extreme environments

We offer unique composite solutions for a variety of downhole, subsea, and other Oil & Gas applications. Our engineers and technical sales team work closely with customers to understand your needs and develop a joint solution, from prototyping to production manufacturing.

Starting with high-performance raw materials, our structures are manufactured with an automated, repeatable process — both essential for our customers’ confidence in their products. With decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, we assist in selecting the right solution, including:

  • Machined structures
  • Fully assembled, turnkey projects
  • Engineered designs
  • Trade studies
  • Manufacturing equipment

Industry-Leading Experience

Typical structures we deliver for this industry employ continuously reinforced thermoplastic composites. Other materials and structures are used as needed, such as thermoset composites, chopped fiber composites, neat resins, ceramics, integrated electronics, liners, and metallic end fittings. Combining the right material and manufacturing methods allows the following structural advantages routinely sought by our customers:

  • Electromagnetic radiation transparency
  • Electrical isolation
  • High strength/weight ratio
  • Non-corrosive
  • Fatigue resistant
  • High impact tolerance
  • Drillable components

The pressure and temperature demands for Oil & Gas structures are always increasing. That’s why we’re always pursuing new materials — which range from well-established products to leading-edge technology.

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