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Oil & Gas Sealing Capabilities
Oil & Gas Sealing Systems – Product Catalog & Engineering Guide
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions – Company Information Leaflet

Orkot® Bearings Engineering Manual
Orkot® Marine Bearings Engineering Manual
Orkot® TXMM and TLMM
Turcon® Corner Reinforced Captive Glyd Ring® – Unirivalled Performance under Extreme Pressure
Turcon® Corner Reinforced Wedgpak® – Unrivalled Performance for High Pressure Oil and Gas Applications
Turcon® Double O-Ring Energized Captive Glyd Ring® – Unrivalled Performance in Demanding Applications with Large Ports
Turcon Glyd Ring® II – One-Piece Design for Unrivalled Performance Under Pressure

Materials Chemical Compatibility Guide
NORSOK M710 approved materials
XploR™ FKM V9T20 – Explosive Decompression Resistant Materials
XploR™ FKM V9T22 – Explosive Decompression Resistant Materials
XploR™ FKM V9T82 – Explosive Decompression Resistant Materials
XploR™ HNBR H9T20 – Explosive Decompression Resistant Materials
XploR™ HNBR H9T21 – Explosive Decompression Resistant Materials
Isolast® XploR™ J9513 – Explosive Decompression Resistant Materials
Isolast® XploR™ J9523 - Unrivalled RGD resistance and outstanding performance at extremely low temperatures
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Latest News

Trelleborg Demonstrates Collaborative Innovations in Action at OTC 2016
A recent roundtable held by Trelleborg saw industry experts agree that the positive effect of the low barrel price is the creation of more effective operations that embrace innovative solutions that can lower overall costs while maintaining safety and minimizing environmental impact. The roundtable explored issues raised from Trelleborg’s ‘Next Level Report’ that gathered views from people involved in the offshore oil & gas industry.

Trelleborg Introduces ‘Convention-Defying‘ Material for Extreme Temperature Applications In Oil & Gas
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the world leader in engineering polymer solutions, introduces two new advanced elastomers engineered to withstand extremely low temperatures while meeting rigorous international standards for elastomeric material in oil & gas production.

Trelleborg Unveils Dedicated Swivel Stack Seal Inspection Facility
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has opened a dedicated climate-controlled swivel stack seal inspection facility for the validation of bespoke seals.The global facility is based in Barendrecht, in the Netherlands, and has been unveiled in a move to help ensure Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) operators achieve the highest possible standards in seal quality.

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