Orkot® Marine Bearings

Orkot Marine Bearings®

  • Ideal replacement for bronze, steel or rubber-lined bushings
  • Virtually no swell in water
  • High impact strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High load capacity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Operates in fresh or salt water without lubrication
  • Damping of vibration
  • Accommodation of shaft misalignment
  • Ease of machining
  • Fitting by pressing, freezing, adhesives and mechanical methods
  • Dimensional stability
  • Reduced thermal softening and minimal creep
  • Does not encourage galvanic corrosion
  • Asbestos-free, no environmentally hazardous or toxic

Orkot® TLMM

Orkot® TLM Marine is an advanced, reinforced polymer material incorporating solid lubricants. The material tolerates edge loading and misalignment even with the heaviest loads. Where there are extended periods without lubrication, such as upper pintle bearings under light ballast conditions Orkot® TLM Marine proves especially effective

Orkot® TXMM

Orkot® TXM Marine is an advanced reinforced medium weave polymer material (sometimes called synthetic polymer alloy) using a unique manufacturing process that provides a high concentration of PTFE in the sliding area while maintaining high compressive strength. The PTFE layer is several millimeters thick and provides for similar mechanical properties to Orkot® TLM Marine, but with substantially reduced friction and wear characteristics. In areas where the running conditions are dry, Orkot® TXM Marine has proved particularly effective in eliminating stick-slip problems normally associated with these operating parameters.


  • Marine Bearings
  • Stern Tube Bearings
  • Rudder Bearings
  • Water-Lubricated Bearings
  • Greaseless Bearings
  • Dry-Running Bearings
  • Commercial and Defense
  • Deck Machinery
  • Strut Bearings and Cutlass Bearings

For more information, please see the following publications:

Orkot® Bearings Engineering Manual (PDF, 1173 KB)
Orkot® Marine Bearings Engineering Manual (PDF, 1175 KB)
Orkot® TXMM and TLMM (PDF, 202 KB)

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