Turcon® Variseal® M2

Turcon® Variseal® M2

  • Suitable for reciprocating and rotary applications
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Stick-slip free operation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to most fluids, chemicals and gases
  • Withstands rapid changes in temperature
  • No tendency for the seal to vulcanize against mating surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Can be sterilized
  • Available in Hi-Clean version
  • Interchangeable with O-Ring and Back-up Ring combinations to AS4716 and ISO 6194

Turcon® Variseal® M2

Turcon® Variseal® M2 is a single acting seal consisting of a U-shaped jacket and a V-shaped corrosion resistant spring.

Turcon® Variseal® M2 has an asymmetric seal profile. The heavy profile of its dynamic lip with an optimized front angle offers good leakage control, reduced friction and long service life.

Customized Designs

Sealing system for extreme high pressure

High Pressure System

Turcon® Variseal® is also available in customized designs suitable for sealing in High Pressure/High Temperature (HP/HT) oil and gas applications.

Technical Data
Operating PressureMaximum dynamic load:
2,900 psi / 20 MPa
Maximum static load:
5,800 psi / 40 MPa
(30,000 psi / 207 MPa with back-up ring)
SpeedReciprocating up to 50 ft/s / 15 m/s
Rotating up to 4 ft/s / 1.27 m/s
Operating Temperature-196 °C to +302 °C /
-320 °F to +575 °F
Special Turcon® and Zurcon® materials as well alternative spring materials are available for applications outside this temperature range.
MediaVirtually all fluids, chemicals and gases

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