Turcon® Double Delta®

Turcon® Double Delta®

  • Good static and dynamic sealing effect
  • Low friction, high efficiency
  • Operating temperatures of -45°C to +260 °C / -49 °F to +500 °F
  • Good chemical compatibility depending on elastomer
  • Leak-tight reliable sealing performance
  • No adhesion even after extended periods of rest
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Long service life
  • Stick-slip-free starting
  • Simple installation
  • Sizes to suit all O-Ring grooves including AS568 and ISO 3601 seal sizes

Turcon®Double Delta® is the original slipper seal developed to improve the performance of O-Ring and Back-up Rings. It is a double-acting seal energized by an elastomer O-Ring. Demonstrating good friction properties, Turcon® Double Delta® provides stick-slip free starting and excellent dry running.

The O-Ring in Turcon® Double Delta® preloads the seal cap in the thin, flexible middle section. This provides good leakage control even at low pressures.

Grooved Turcon® Double Delta®

Grooved Turcon® Double Delta®

In addition, when there is system pressure, the oil film under the seal is further reduced. Turcon® Double Delta® will always allow an oil film to be dragged across the sealing surface. This oil film is necessary to ensure a long service life.

By choosing the grooved version, a further decrease in the film thickness can be achieved. The grooves increase the number of pressure peaks that the oil film must pass under. Another advantage of the grooved seal is that the grooves serve as an oil reservoir when the seal is static. When the seal starts to move dynamically, the oil film is quickly re-established under the sliding surface to lubricate the seal and maintain seal friction at a minimum. This is especially important in applications where the stroke is shorter than the seal width and it provides a general improvement in wear-life.

The zero back-up width of the seal is generally preferred, even if a wider groove is available in smaller diameters. The extra space in a wider groove is used more efficiently when filled with Back-up Rings. This increases the seal life without notably affecting the friction.

Turcon® Double Delta® with notches

Turcon® Double Delta® with notches

Where Turcon® Double Delta® is subject to bidirectional pressure, it should always be equipped with sidewall notches. These allow the pressure to properly activate the elastomer. For piston, use Turcon® Double Delta® is equipped with notches as standard. The rod version must be specified with notches if they are deemed necessary.

Turcon® Double Delta® without notches

Using a seal without notches may allow blow-by, where the pressure shoots over the top of the Turcon® Double Delta® cap and forces the seal down into the groove.

Typical Oil & Gas Applications Include:

Technical Data
Operating Pressure5,000 psi / 35 MPa
(15,000 psi / 103 MPa with Back-up Ring)
SpeedUp to 50 ft/s / 15.0 m/s
Temperature Range-45 °C to +260 °C /
-49 °F to +500 °F
Dependent on elastomer
ClearanceAs per AS568 and ISO 3601 seal sizes. Larger clearance possible with Back-up Ring
MediaMineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame-retardant hydraulic fluids, environmentally-safe hydraulic fluids (bio-oils), Downhole fluids water and others depending on the elastomer material selected

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